Gallery of Work


University of Central Florida Teaching 

Orlando, FL

This was not a large steel project, but it was very challenging due to the angle, the curvature of the building and specialty items. From standard joist and beams to curved brick lintels and rolled aluminum rail with cherry wood, this project had a little of everything. The most unusual design was the atrium framing ( shown below ) which became affectionately known as “The Football” The entire football was put together in one piece, on our shop floor, disassembled into the largest frames possible for shipping, and it fit like a glove when it was erected

Harmony High School

Harmony, FL

When you develop a new town, you need schools. This 300,000 square foot high school with 530 tons of steel and 345 tons of joist filled that need. Despite multiple buildings, a radiused catwalk with caged ladders and doubled pitched tube steel trusses, the flow of this job was tremendously smooth and completed ahead of schedule.

Cypress Bay High School

Weston, FL

We were proud to be a part of the team that built the first new high school for Broward County in many years. At the school’s completion in September of 2002, it was the first ever high school in Broward County to be completed on time. Cypress Bay was over 330,000 square feet with 900 tons of steel and 400 tons of joist.